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Discover the human cost of remote control killing, the dangers of covert government policy and unaccountability in modern warfare

Already 3 years in the planning and fraught with difficulty, my documentary film "The Approximate Target" will explore a very personal journey as I bring people directly affected by drone warfare to the screen and explore all sides of this very controversial debate.

As the UN launches an investigation into drone killings I ask, "Who are the victims of drone strikes termed 'collateral damage' and 'bugsplat' by those operating UAVs?

What the impact of this disturbing and ever developing technology? To what extent are states crossing ethical and legal boundaries of behaviour? And could Britain and America be committing war crimes?

These are some of the hard questions the film seeks to answer by mixing first hand, grass roots stories and accounts of real victims with those of academics, politicians, military personnel, activists and others affected by this sweeping issue.

"I made promises to those affected by drones to find a way to tell their stories, and I am not a person to go back on my word."

As a victim myself of another form of US 'collateral damage' which led to the death of my husband and brother law, my aim is to explore alternative perspectives to the well, worn rhetoric of those in power who seek to justify their deadly actions.

The Approximate Target will utilize independent, D.I.Y. and guerilla filming techniques to document my journey from the UK to Pakistan in May 2013 where I will talk to those affected by drones in the Tribal Areas of Waziristan amidst the backdrop of the general elections.

The experience of rejection has served to make my commitment to visit Pakistan stronger. Most importantly I made promises to those affected by drones that I would find a way to tell their stories, and I am not a person to go back on my word.

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Funding, Support and Finance

The films strong concept has already gained it crucial independent funding from charitable organisations with an interest in grassroots activism and human rights

Approximate Target Lush Charity Pot

The production has sucessfully been granted funding from the Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust and Lush Cosmetics Ltd.

The Jan - April 2013 issue of 'The Lush Times' features the film and you can pick up 'The Approximate Target' designed charity pot in Lush Stores now!

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