The world of remote control killing

A Reaper Drone fires a hellfire missile

Find out about existing remote surveillance and weapons technology being used around the world today.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are used for surveillance in the war on terror and to track down and annihilate insurgents on President Obama's weekly kill list.

It is not uncommon for a drone operator to lock on to a target viewed on a screen in the US and deliver a hellfire missile which can obliterate a civilian thousands of miles away in the Tribal Areas of Pakistan.

Who are those termed as 'other' by the US military and what role does Britain and Pakistan play in today's drone warfare?

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From the UK to remote Pakistan

Carol Anne Grayson - Director of The Approximate Target

A documentary film about facing huge challenges, overwhelming odds and overcoming tragedy

Carol Anne Grayson, a victim of US collateral damage, has spent years investigating armed drones and their impact on communities across the globe

The vocal widow, former nurse turned writer and human rights campaigner will share her personal journey to Pakistan.

With interviews of drone victims, lawyers, displaced persons, army personnel, politicians and activists she will uncover the physical and psychological impact on those she calls 'The Approximate Target'

About the Film